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Commercial Conservation

Consider and compare water use when purchasing things like ice makers, dishwashers, reverse osmosis units, coolers and cleaning equipment.

Educate Employees and Customers

  • Display signs encouraging water conservation.
  • Set attainable goals for water reduction by staff.
  • Assign an employee to monitor water use.
  • Budget water amounts for cleaning and overall usage.

Retrofit Equipment

  • Install water saving devices such as toilet dams, flappers, flow reduction valves, faucet aerators and alternative cooling system devices.
  • Use water recycling systems whenever possible.
  • Install energy and water efficient air conditioning equipment.
  • Hire a GreenPlumber® ( to help reduce your water use with practices that use less energy, less water, and fewer chemicals.

Put Water Efficiency into Practice

  • Using a hose and nozzle to clean sidewalks uses 8 to 12 gallons of water per minute. With a pressurized Waterbroom® (, you will clean more efficiently and use as little as 2.8 gallons of water per minute.
  • Instruct clean up crews to budget water usage.
  • Check water supply for leaks and repair leaking faucets and toilets.
  • Eliminate unecessary continuous flows.

Landscape for Water Conservation

  • Limit turf areas to areas of actual need, as picnic areas or sports fields.
  • Operate sprinkler systems before sunrise and after sunset to avoid evaporation.
  • Consider rainfall and evapotranspiration rates when determining watering.
  • Use a rain sensor to turn off system when raining.
  • Hire a landscape manager or green landscaper to plan a water friendly landscape.
  • Be sure your irrigation system is watering only the areas intended, with no water running onto walks, streets or down the gutter.



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