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Drinking Water Facts

  • Everyone who lives in Kitsap County depends on rainfall for their drinking water. None of our water comes from Cascade or Olympic Mountain runoff. Rain is absorbed into the ground and percolates into our aquifers.

  • Eighty percent of people in Kitsap County use groundwater for drinking water. All KPUD water is groundwater pumped from drinking water wells.

  • KPUD owns and operates 50 separate water systems that provide drinking water to 50,000 residents of Kitsap. Our water systems consist of wells, storage reservoirs and pipes that carry water to homes and businesses.

  • In compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, we are required to test drinking water supplies monthly for bacteria and other contaminants. Even more water quality tests are required on a yearly basis. Water quality reports are available on our web page.

  • Since our aquifers were formed by glaciations, we have dissolved iron and manganese in our drinking water. While not harmful to drink, these minerals can build up in pipes. This is why we regularly flush our water mains.

  • KPUD has rain gauges throughout the county to collect rainfall data. Historical average rainfall in North Kitsap is 30 inches while rainfall averages around 60 inches in the Seabeck area. Regional infrastructure is being built to move water from the more wet areas of the county to the drier North Kitsap area.

  • Conserving our water resources is important to KPUD. The Washington State Water Use Efficiency Rule mandates that we set goals that save water.



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