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Person that will coordinate the Exhibit & handle communication.
For communication before & after the event
Person that will actually be at the event, running the Exhibit (if different than the Contact Person)
Cell phone preferred to facilitate communication on event day
Teacher Resource Table Materials?*
If 'Yes' please bring 75 copies to registration on Festival day. This is for educational materials only. Anything only promoting business or selling is not permitted and will be removed.
Enter a specific url if you have online resources to share with teachers.
For signs and program

Standards-Based Learning

To help teachers understand how your activity connects to standards-based learning in their classroom, please pick at least one item from each section that your activity will address. If more than one applies, check all that apply. We will communicate this to teachers on their schedule .
Scientific Skills*
More detail available at Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Hub at https://ngss.nsta.org/practicesfull.aspx
Scientific Thinking*
(More detail provided at Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Hub at https://ngss.nsta.org/CrosscuttingConceptsFull.aspx)
Other Standards (include when possible)*


Please note that you must provide your own canopy tents, easels, and whiteboards.
Indoor or Outdoor?*
We are unable to provide canopy tents.
Need Water?*
Need Electricity?*
These are assistants YOU are providing.
Sandwiches and salad is provided for all presenters, exhibitors, and assistants.
Want Certificate(s) of appreciation?*
Want T-shirt(s)?*
Please note number of each size; especially important if XXL or larger is needed.
Anything else we should know? (e.g. ice requested) Please note: YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN CANOPY TENTS, EASELS, AND WHITEBOARDS.
These volunteers are provided by Water Festival.
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