Perennials & Shrubs

Test the soil for dryness at the root zone and only water when dry. Water Shrubs and Perennials approximately 30 minutes per week – never more than 1 inch per week.

5 Steps to Correct Watering of Shrubs and Perennials

1. Know your plants.

  • Read the Water Saving Plant List to learn more.
  • Many established shrubs and perennial only need water in the driest of weather.
  • Native plants and drought tolerant plants don't need watering once established.
  • Group plants with the same watering needs together.

2. Know your soil.
Amend your soil with 3 inches of organic material to provide proper drainage.

3. Dig down 3 inches before you water.
Use a trowel or soil probe to test the dryness of the soil.

4. Get water to the roots.

  • Water deeply with 1 inch of water.
  • Hand watering, drip systems, soaker hose or micro spray heads are ideal.
  • Water garden beds separately from lawns.
  • Water in the morning when it is cool

5. Mulch. Apply mulch or compost 2 or 3 inches to hold moisture in the soil. Beauty bark does not count.

This is based on average summer temperatures and average soils. Always check to assure that water has infiltrated to the root zone. Don't forget: Back flow devices are required for all irrigation systems.