What are you doing to protect us from chemical contamination?

We are carefully fulfilling the requirements of the State Department of Health Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP). The goal of the WHPP is to prevent contamination of our public drinking water supplies. In Washington, the State Department of Health (DOH) is the lead agency for developing and administering the WHPP. All group A public water systems (those that serve more than 25 persons or 15 connections) are affected by the WHPP. Key components of any wellhead protection program include:

  • Mapping of wellhead protection areas (WHPAs) – WHPAs identify the geographic area that directly contributes water in the short term to the drinking water supply
  • Inventory of potential sources of ground water contamination within wellhead protection areas
  • Development of management strategies to eliminate or minimize the possibility that these potential contaminant sources may become actual sources of ground water contamination