What does the Corrosion Control Study entail?

The Corrosion Control Study mainly consists of additional water quality sampling and analysis. In addition to the source water samples linked to above, we will take additional water quality samples in the distribution system (Distribution system results: Vinland Corrosion Control Study Distribution Samples (PDF)). These results will be analyzed by our District Engineer and staff from Washington Department of Health to see if any operational adjustments can be made to render the water potentially less corrosive. Further, we will be conducting a round of in-house testing in January and July 2020.

Update October 2020: The January round of lead and copper sampling only had 4 sites exceed the Action Level for lead (15 parts per billion). This was not an exceedance for regulatory purposes. In July, 7 sites exceeded the Action Level for lead. As this was over 10% of sampled homes, it qualified as a regulatory exceedance. In a letter sent to Vinland Water System customers, it was incorrectly stated that in July, 6 sites exceeded the Action Level. This was incorrect. In fact, 7 sites exceeded the Action Level. We apologize for the error.