Fiber Install FAQs

Do I need a wireless router?

If you desire to have Wi-Fi throughout your home, you will need a wireless router. Please be sure to discuss these details with your ISP so they can help with router specifications/recommendations.

How do I activate my service on KPUD’s fiber network?

As soon as it is determined that KPUD service is available at your home, you will select a KPUD approved internet service provider. Next, contact KPUD or work with your ISP to schedule installation of customer premise equipment (CPE) at your home. A skilled KPUD technician will visit your home to install the CPE and connect your home to KPUD's fiber network. Once connected, your ISP will complete the final step of activating your new fast, fiber internet service!

What equipment will be installed at my home?

KPUD skilled technicians will install a grey utility housing box on the exterior of your home. This housing protects the customer premise equipment (CPE) which connects to KPUD fiber. An interior power outlet must be located within 10 feet of the CPE. The housing box will be sealed and labeled with a "no tampering" sticker to help prevent damage to the fiber.

What is the process for installation?

KPUD typically follows the power utility when determining how to bring fiber to the home. Overhead installation: If your utilities run from power poles into your home, we can usually follow that route for fiber installation. Underground installation: This requires digging a trench to place conduit underground from the nearest KPUD connection point to your residence. The fiber is then pulled through the conduit to the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) attached to the exterior of the home.