Water FAQs - Leaks

If I find I have a leak, how do I know if it is something I have to pay to fix or something KPUD will take care of?

KPUD will repair any leaks in the portion of the water system we own, which in most cases ends at your side of the water meter that connects your home to our main. The service line to your home, as well as the plumbing in your home, is your responsibility. We will  help you diagnose a mysterious leak in your system and answer any questions you might have about how to get it fixed.

Check out A Homeowner's Guide to Leak Detection (PDF) or follow our simple online steps for Meter Reading & Leaks.

What can I do if I suspect a leak?

Use your water meter to check for leaks:

  1. Locate your meter.
  2. Turn off all water using appliances in the home.
  3. Check and record the current meter reading.
  4. Wait 15 minutes (overnight is better). Don't use any water.
  5. Read the meter again. If the reading has changed you have a leak.