Residential Fiber

Where to Begin

If you are looking to find out how to get fiber internet to your home, you are in the right place!

KPUD operates a community-owned open access high-speed fiber optic network that provides fiber infrastructure and wholesale broadband services to providers who sell internet to the community. This high-speed network provides speeds of 100Mbps or 1Gbps and is operated as an Active Ethernet which allows for upload and download speeds that are equal to each other. Since the network is community-owned and open access, we are able to support a competitive marketplace that offers multiple service providers and services.

Think of it like an airport, KPUD is the airport with different runways, gates, and terminals. The ISPs are the airlines that use the airport to provide customers with services. KPUD provides a competitive marketplace, so you have choices in internet providers and services.

The tiles below are intended to help you navigate through the process of having fiber internet infrastructure built to your home. If, at any time, you need assistance or have questions, please email the KPUD Fiber Team or call 360-626-7744.

NOTE: As a public institution operating a community owned network, costs to connect individual residents to KPUD fiber are the homeowner’s responsibility. Costs to connect include infrastructure construction costs plus a one-time Connection Fee of $200 for in/at home installation of customer premise equipment (CPE), power supply (wall wart), and additional installation materials.