Check Availability

One of the first steps to get fast fiber internet to your home is to determine if the infrastructure is already available in your area, is planning to be extended nearby, or to express your interest in fast fiber if there are no plans to build at this time.

If the address you enter has KPUD fiber infrastructure, a pop-up message will tell you that you are already connected to the KPUD network and will invite you to visit the online market place to sign-up for services and choose an internet service provider. If fiber infrastructure is not currently available in your area, a pop-up message will invite you to take our survey. This self-reported survey data helps KPUD track service needs, progress, plan, quantify, understand, and geographically identify the community demand for fiber internet.

If you would like to check out KPUD’s fiber infrastructure backbone, take a look at our Fiber Areas Coverage Map. This map shows completed and current KPUD fiber infrastructure projects throughout Kitsap County.

Check For Availability