Financial Information


Historically, KPUD has budgeted on an annual basis, but in 2020 we implemented a biennial (two-year) budget. The biennial budget process allows us to think strategically over multiple years instead of just balancing the budget for a single year. This biennial process does allow for amendments, adjustments, and mid-biennium review.

Property Taxes

KPUD receives property taxes from properties located in incorporated and unincorporated areas of Kitsap County. The 2022 property tax rate for KPUD was $0.052708 per $1,000 assessed value, resulting in a tax collection total of $2,636,497 in 2022. At this tax rate, an owner of a $300,000 property paid $15.81 property taxes to KPUD in 2022.

KPUD uses the property taxes to fund two county-wide purposes, water resource management and the expansion of fiber internet (broadband) infrastructure.

County-Wide Purpose: Water Resource Management

Approximately, 24% of property tax revenue received is dedicated to water resource management and education (approximately $632,759 in 2022).

Funding is used to:

  • Maintain a comprehensive hydrologic monitoring network to gather data on Kitsap’s water resources. This network consists of 29 precipitation monitoring stations, 28 streamflow monitoring stations, and 125 wells. Data from this network informs studies like the United States Geologic Survey’s groundwater model of the Kitsap Peninsula and management decisions like construction of regional drinking water infrastructure.
  • Conduct semi-annual monitoring of shoreline wells for seawater intrusion.
  • Provide water resource related education to schools and community groups in Kitsap County.

County-Wide Purpose: Fiber Internet (Broadband) Infrastructure

The remaining, 76% of tax revenue (approximately $2,003,738) is spent to expand access to broadband telecommunications through the installation of fiber internet infrastructure.

Funding is used to:

  • Continue to construct fiber infrastructure throughout Kitsap County with over 500 miles currently complete.
  • Build middle-mile fiber infrastructure to unserved and underserved communities in Kitsap County.