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Kitsap County Initial Basin Assessment

List of Appendices

A - Memorandum of Agreement with Ecology

B - Instream Resource Protection Program-Kitsap WRIA 15

C - Miscellaneous Streamflow Measurements and Reports

D - References

E - Fish and Habitat Annotated Bibliography

F - Draft Ground Water Management Plan- Issue Paper Summary

G - List of Acronyms

H - Water Level Hydrographs for Wells in Kitsap County

    Pages 1-26

    Pages 27-52

    Pages 53-79

    Pages 80-105

    Pages 106-130

I - Kitsap County Water Balance

J - Kitsap County Hazardous Waste Sites

K - Hazardous Material Generation Sites in Kitsap County

L - Washington Rivers Information System Database

List of Exhibits

1-1 Water Resource Inventory Area Map

2-1 Sub-Area Boundaries

2-1a Revised Sub-Area Boundaries

2-2 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Map

2-3 Land Cover

2-4 Kitsap County Land Cover (Satellite Data)

2-5 Kitsap County Land Use - Assessor Data

2-6 Washington State Population Density

2-7 Summary of Existing Land Use Codes

3-1 Spatial Distribution of Precipitation

3-2 Summary of Precipitation Monitoring Stations in Kitsap County

3-3 Summary of Precipitation Data for Isohyetal Map

3-4 Total Annual Precipitation at Bremerton
       Long-term Precipitation Trends Comparison of Fire Station, McKenna Falls, and Seabeck-Munroe Data

4-1 Rivers and Streams

4-2 Stream Monitoring Sites

4-3 Minimum Instream Flow (MISF) Requirements and Stream Closures in Kitsap County

4-4 Summary of Stream Gaging Stations in Kitsap County

4-5 Average and Minimum Flow Trends Chico Creek near Bremerton

4-6 Average and Minimum Flow Trends Burley Creek at Burley

4-7 Average and Minimum Flow Trends Big Beef Creek near Seabeck

4-8 Average and Minimum Flow Trends Dogfish Creek near Poulsbo

4-9 Average and Minimum Flow Trends Gold Creek near Bremerton

4-10 Flow Exceedence Probabilities and Recent Hydrographs Chico Creek near Bremerton

4-11 Flow Exceedence Probabilities and Recent Hydrographs Burley Creek at Burley

4-12 Flow Exceedence Probabilities and Recent Hydrographs Dogfish Creek near Poulsbo

4-13 Streamflow Hydrograph for Chico Creek

4-14 Streamflow Hydrograph for Clear Creek

4-15 Streamflow Hydrograph for Burley Creek

4-16 Streamflow Hydrograph for Dogfish Creek

4-17 Streamflow Hydrograph for Barker Creek

4-18 Streamflow Hydrograph for Gorst Creek

4-19 Streamflow Hydrograph for Blackjack Creek

4-20 Instream Flows and Flow Exceedence Probabilities Big Beef Creek near Seabeck

4-21 Instream flows and Flow Exceedence Probabilities Tahuya River near Belfair

4-22 Instream Flows and Recent Flow Hydrographs Gorst Creek near Gorst

5-1a Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model of Kitsap County

5-1b Nomenclature and Regional Correlation of Stratigraphy

5-2 Principal Aquifers and Locations of Geologic Cross-sections

5-3 List of Principal Aquifers Identified in Kitsap County

5-4 Shallow Ground Water Flow and Static Water Level Contours

5-5 Infiltration Potential of Surficial Soils

5-6a Estimated Water Balance Components for Subareas

5-6b Distribution of Precipitation by Subarea

5-7 Total Runoff Statistics for Gaging Stations in Kitsap County

5-8 Wells with Water Levels in Kitsap County

5-9 Geographic Distribution of Wells with Water Level Hydrographs

5-10 Scatterplot of Change in Water Levels vs. Completion Elevation for wells in Kitsap County

5-11a Scatterplot for Kingston Subarea

5-11b Scatterplot for Port Gamble Subarea

5-11c Scatterplot for Poulsbo Subarea

5-11d Scatterplot for Bangor Subarea

5-11e Scatterplot for Bainbridge Subarea

5-11f Scatterplot for Manette Subarea

5-11g Scatterplot for Chico Subarea

5-11h Scatterplot for Seabeck Subarea

5-11i Scatterplot for Manchester Subarea

5-11j Scatterplot for Gorst Subarea

5-11k Scatterplot for Union Subarea

5-11l Scatterplot for Tahuya Subarea

5-11m Scatterplot for Olalla Subarea

5-11n Scatterplot for McCormick Subarea

5-11o Scatterplot for Dewatto Subarea

5-12 Comparison of Water Level Trends in the Eldorado Hills Well 4 with Precipitation at Bremerton

5-13 Comparison of Water Level Trends in the Island Center Well with Precipitation at Bremerton

5-14 Comparison of Water Level Trends in the Ritter Lane Well with Precipitation at Bremerton

5-15 Water Quality Data Collection Sites

5-16 Wells with Significant Levels of Chlorides and Conductivity

5-17 Wells with Significant Levels of Nitrates

5-18 Wells with Significant Levels of Iron and Manganese

5-19 Hydrogeologic Cross Section M-M'

5-20 Hydrogeologic Cross Section X-X & L-L'

5-21 Hydrogeologic Cross Section W-W'

5-22 Hydrogeologic Cross Sections Q-Q' & V-V'

5-23 Hydrogeologic Cross Section P-P'

5-24 Hydrogeologic Cross Section D-D'

5-25 Hydrogeologic Cross Section J-J'

5-26 Comparison of Inorganic Water Quality

6-1 Kitsap County Land Use Classified Other than Urban or Suburban

6-2 Kitsap County Land Cover (By Satellite) Classified as Forested or Natural Cover

6-3 Kitsap County Water Use

6-4 Population Density Calculated by Subarea

6-5 Average and Peak Day Water Demand

6-6 Wastewater Treatment Plants

7-1 Rivers with Salmonid Use

7-2 Summary Matrix of Water Quality and Fisheries Habitat Assessments in Kitsap County

7-3 Distribution of Wetlands by Sub-Area

8-1 Cumulative Water Rights vs. Time

8-2(a-d) Total Allocations and Claims

8-3 Surface Water Right Certificates and Permits by Section

8-4 Surface Water Right Claims by Section

8-5 Ground Water Right Certificates and Permits by Section

8-6 Ground Water Right Claims by Section

8-7a Estimated Water Balance by Subareas

8-7b Comparisons of Total Inflow Current Water Allocations, and Pending Applications

8-8 Surface Water Right Applications by Section

8-9 Ground Water Rights Applications by Section

9-1 Relative Importance of Data Gaps to Allocation Decisions

9-2 Water Rights Decision Data Requirements

9-3 Data Gaps -Relative Importance to Additional Water Rights Allocations



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