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Vinland Corrosion Control Study FAQs

November, 2019

Why is KPUD conducting a "Corrosion Control Study" on the Vinland Water System?

While we know that lead is not present in the source waters that serve the Vinland Water System (see most recent test results here), it might be leached from household plumbing under certain conditions, especially if the water has been sitting unused for extended periods of time (known as a "stagnation" period). As part of our regulatory requirements, we are required to sample inside a representative number of homes under "stagnation" conditions to see if lead or copper is being leached from household plumbing. In 2019, five sites on the Vinland Water System tested above the so-called "action level" for lead. This requires us to conduct a Corrosion Control Study. A Corrosion Control Study will help determine operational adjustments (additional treatment, use of one source over another, etc.) that might make the water less likely to leach minerals from household plumbing.

What does the Corrosion Control Study entail?

The Corrosion Control Study mainly consists of additional water quality sampling and analysis. In addition to the source water samples linked to above, we will take additional water quality samples in the distribution system (see most recent distribution system results here). These results will be analyzed by our District Engineer and staff from Washington Department of Health to see if any operational adjustments can be made to render the water potentially less corrosive. Further, we will be conducting a round of in-house testing in January and July 2020.

Can I participate in the next round of in-house testing?

The federal Lead and Copper Rule dictates the sites for in-house testing. We have to comply with the requirements of the rule.

Can I have my house tested for lead?

We cannot test every house for lead. Customers who wish to test their own homes; however, can get reimbursed for laboratory costs for one sample analyzed for lead. Kitsap PUD has negotiated a special rate with Spectra Labs for customers who wish to test their household water for lead. The cost for lead analysis is $18. Instructions for collecting a sample and submitting for reimbursement are here.

How long will the Corrosion Control Study take?

We anticipate having operational recommendations by the end of March, 2020. We will keep customers updated as the study progresses.

What steps can I take to limit my family’s exposure to lead?

Customers concerned about lead in their drinking water can take a few simple precautions to limit any potential exposure to lead:

  1. Only drink from the cold water tap. Hot water can leach more minerals from your plumbing.
  2. If the water has been unused for a period of time, flush off the "stagnant" water before taking a drink. Running the cold water tap until the water becomes noticeably colder ensures water that has been sitting in your household plumbing has been flushed off.
More common sources of lead exposure are lead-based paint in older homes, contaminated soils and dust. Read about all sources of lead exposure and how to minimize exposure here:

Where can I find more information on lead?

The following links contain information on lead and steps you can take to limit your exposure.
From Washington Department of Health

From the United States Environmental Protection Agency

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