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Lead Sampling

Kitsap PUD monitors our public drinking water systems for lead according to requirements in the federal Lead and Copper Rule. This rule specifies sampling sites, schedules and protocols. Expanded lead/copper sampling is outside of these protocols and, generally speaking, not done by KPUD. That said, we encourage homeowners who want to test their household water for lead, to do so and we offer these instructions.

Instructions for homeowners wanting to sample their household drinking water for lead:
Revised May 2016

  1. Spectra Labs, located at 26276 Twelve Trees Lane, Suite C, Poulsbo, can provide sample bottles and analysis. The cost of a lead analysis is currently $25. Their phone number is 360.779.5141. Their website is (Spectra was formerly known as Twiss.)
  2. At Spectra Labs, homeowners will pick up a one liter sample bottle and a drinking water lab form.
  3. To replicate the sampling, protocols of the Lead and Copper Rule, the sample should be taken from a kitchen or bath cold water faucet after a six-hour period of no household water usage. To meet this, we recommend filling the sample bottle immediately upon waking in the morning (before flushing a toilet and, yes, even before making coffee).
  4. After the six hour "stagnation" period, fill the sample bottle with the first draw water from a kitchen or bathroom cold water tap.
  5. Fill out information on the sample bottle and complete the form provided.
  6. Return the sample and completed form to Spectra Labs within 48 hours. Samples should be refrigerated if not taken to the lab immediately.
  7. Results should be available within two weeks.

You may also click to download these instructions as a pdf:

For more information on Lead in Drinking Water, visit the
Washington State Department of Health's website

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