2023 Water Rate Adjustment | Water Rate Study | Online Automated Payments

2023 Rate Adjustment

Effective January 16, 2023, Kitsap Public Utility District (KPUD) will be increasing the monthly Basic Service Charge for water from $28.66 to $37.00* in response to cost increases.

Since mid-2020, as the COVID pandemic grew, we have experienced significant supply chain issues, material shortages, and a steady increase in labor costs relating to utilities. KPUD has incurred cost increases for general operations and maintenance including power, fuel, property and liability insurance, employee medical premiums, and administrative mandates.

Rising costs and significant delays in delivery times and supply shortages have increased the time it takes to complete necessary repairs and replacements. However, KPUD has been and will continue to maintain supply levels for service operations that allow us to meet customer needs, respond to emergency repairs, and remain sustainable.

Water Rate Study

KPUD is committed to offering you the quality and service that you expect and deserve. Because of this, we will conduct a comprehensive study of rates for our water utility in 2023. The completed study will provide an analysis of current water rates and system costs with recommendations for adjusting basic service charges and tier rates as needed to maintain the utility. Recommendations will be presented to the KPUD Board of Commissioners for consideration after completion of the study.

As a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, Washinton State law (RCW 54.24.080) requires KPUD to set water rates that provide revenues sufficient for the payment of utility obligations including operation and maintenance, necessary repairs, replacements, renewals, and bonds and/or loans.

Online Automated Payments

Due to a system upgrade with KPUD’s third-party autopay billing system used by KPUD, customers currently enrolled in autopay will need to re-enter their information and payment method on or after December 7, 2022. Enrolled customers can expect to receive an e-mail from noreply@merchanttransact.com with information to re-enroll in the autopay program. Please consider adding this e-mail to your contacts so that you receive password reset emails, payment receipt emails, etc. without the need to look in your spam folder or junk mail.

KPUD values your consumer safety, however we apologize for the inconvenience of re-entering your automated payment information. MerchantTransact is the only authorized autopay vendor for KPUD and is accessed through the KPUD website at www.kpud.org. Payments made through any other third-party are not endorsed or authorized by KPUD.

*This applies to the most common sized water connection of a 5/8” meter. Rate adjustments for larger-sized meters are available in the rate table on the reverse side of this notice.

Basic Service Charge

Due to KPUD’s meter reading/billing schedule, new Basic Service Charges take effect January 16.  The Basic Service Charge does not include taxes, surcharges, or other special assessments.

Meter Size 2022 Monthly Rate 2023 Monthly Rate Difference
5/8” $28.66 $37.00 $8.34
1” $45.85 $59.19 $13.34
1 ½” $74.51 $96.18 $21.67
2” $103.17 $133.18 $30.01
3” $200.62 $258.97 $58.35
4” $286.61 $369.97 $83.36
6” $429.91 $554.95 $125.04


Commodity Charges and Block Volumes

The cost of water tiers remains unchanged from 2022 to 2023.

2023 Bi-Monthly Rates
Meter size Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
from to from to from to from
5/8” 0 1,400 1,401 2,400 2,401 4,000 4,001
1” 0 2,200 2,201 3,800 3,801 6,400 6,401
1 ½” 0 3,600 3,601 6,200 6,201 10,400 10,401
2” 0 5,000 5,001 8,600 8,601 14,400 14,401
3” 0 10,000 10,001 16,800 16,801 28,000 28,001
4” 0 14,000 14,001 24,000 24,001 40,000 40,001
6” 0 21,000 21,001 36,000 36,001 60,000 60,001
Price per 100 cubic feet $1.43 $2.08 $3.20 $7.90

Reduced Basic Rate for Low Income Senior/Disabled Persons

KPUD offers a reduced basic service charge for low-income seniors and low-income disabled persons. Eligibility for this reduced charge is based on certain criteria. Applications for participation in this program are available and accepted year-round. Approved applications are valid for up to two (2) years and will be re-evaluated after that time. For more information, including an application, please visit our website at www.kpud.org, email us at customerservice@kpud.org, or call us at 360-779-7656.

Here is the letter sent with November and December customer billings: Water Customer Letter November 2022