A Note: Ready To Serve Water Customers

Ready To Serve Customers

When a water customer is in Ready To Serve (RTS) status, it means that they have purchased a water connection on their property, however they are not consuming water and the water meter is locked off (if there is one).

Historically, RTS water customers have been billed half the Basic Service Charge. During a comprehensive study of KPUD Utility Rates in 2023, it was determined that billing half the Basic Service Charge did not allocate adequate costs to RTS customers for water source, storage, and transmission. Fixed costs to bring water service to the meter are the same whether the customer is consuming water or is in RTS status.

As a result of identified cost allocation needs, effective January 16, 2024, all RTS customers will be charged the equivalent full Basic Service Charge. This new charge will be reflected on bills received in February and March.