EPA Releases Final Rule for PFAS; KPUD No Detection

On April 10, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final Drinking Water Regulations for six PFAS. This action finalizes the regulations proposed by the EPA in March 2023. Under these new regulations, the 60 sources of KPUD's 28-owned Group A water systems still remain PFAS-free. Testing results have shown no detection of PFAS in these systems.

PFAS are a series of man-made chemical compounds that persist in the environment for long periods of time. They are often called “forever chemicals.” For decades PFAS chemicals have been used in industry and consumer products such as nonstick cookware, waterproof clothing, and stain resistant furniture. These chemicals have been important for certain industries and uses. And the latest science shows that these chemicals are harmful to our health.

KPUD’s drinking water remains safe and protected from contaminants. We closely monitor drinking water regulations to ensure that we take actions necessary to protect our customers from the health risks of these chemicals. Per Washington State Department of Health requirements, KPUD will conduct PFAS sampling again spanning the three-year period 2026 – 2028.

KPUD owns 28 Group A water systems and manages an additional seven (7). Managed water systems are tested regularly, and results are provided to system owners. Group B water systems (less than 15 connections) are not required to be tested for PFAS. For additional information and resources please visit our PFAS webpage.