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Presentations and Programs

Water Festival

Kitsap PUD Co-sponsors the Water Festival each year. The Water Festival is a day of celebration and learning all about Water. This year 1,000 Third and Fourth Grade Students will attend. Read More...

Parents and Teachers

Kitsap PUD offers educational opportunities for students K-12 that run from 30 - 60 min each.
(download the list)

  • Rainfall to Tap 3rd - 4th Grades
    The KPUD is offering a newly designed presentation series that teaches about drinking water from "Rainfall to tap". Taking the systems approach, the two lessons will cover the water cycle, groundwater, drinking water wells, the connection between streams and groundwater, and water chemistry. The connection between people and drinking water will be emphasized.

    Click on the links under each lesson to open the documents and use as you like. You may even want to use the glossary for your next spelling test!

    Lesson one - Groundwater Model (60 minutes)
    Students will learn about drinking water by creating a groundwater model. Students will layer gravel to form aquifers, make it rain and pump wells. Students will observe human influence on groundwater by adding impervious surfaces, introducing pollution and creating recharge areas.
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    Lesson two - Tap into Goodness (60 minutes)
    Part one: Students will examine ecological, social and economic systems by comparing tap water and bottled water by participating in a blind taste test.
    Part two: By using safe-to-use testing reagents, students will test drinking water for iron and chlorine. Students will use the scientific process by making predictions, using a control and recording results.
    Has your class done "Tap into Goodness"? Please click here to take a short survey

  • Henry Hydro Goes Underground. K-2 (30 minutes)
    Students learn about the water cycle, including groundwater by listening to a story of the journey of a water drop. Students have a chance to discuss ways to conserve and protect groundwater.

  • Washington Green Schools
    Washington Green Schools challenges students and school communities to create a sustainable region through educational experiences that transform school environments. Certified schools engage students, conserve resources, and save money. The KPUD sponsors Washington Green Schools and has staff available to assist with the water category of the certification. Explore this website to learn how to get your local school involved:

These classroom learning opportunities are provided free of charge and will be presented by KPUD Education Department staff. They are aligned with WA State Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Standards which support Science and Social Studies requirements.
Contact the Education Department to schedule any of the above activities.

For presentations about surface and storm water, waste water and solid waste; contact Kitsap County Public Works



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