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Tax Revenue Uses

Frequently Asked Question:

How does Kitsap PUD spend the tax money it collects?

Kitsap PUD collects tax money from properties inside and outside incorporated areas of Kitsap County. The 2018 tax rate was $0.068160 per $1000 assessed value. Under this, the owner of a $300,000 property paid $20.45 to Kitsap PUD in 2018.

The total tax collection to Kitsap PUD in 2018 was $2,329,556.

Kitsap PUD uses tax money for two county-wide purposes: water resource management and expansion of broadband telecommunications infrastructure.

Water Resource Management

32% of tax revenue (approximately $745,458 in 2018) is spent on water resource management and education. With this, the District:

  • Maintains a comprehensive hydrologic monitoring network to gather data on Kitsap's water resources. This network consists of 29 precipitation monitoring stations, 28 streamflow monitoring stations and 125 groundwater monitoring wells. Data from this network informs studies like the recent United States Geologic Survey's groundwater model of the Kitsap Peninsula and management decisions like construction of regional drinking water infrastructure. All data is available on Kitsap PUD's webpage at

  • Conducts semi-annual monitoring of shoreline wells for seawater intrusion.

  • Provides water resource related education to Kitsap's schools and community groups.

Broadband Telecommunications

68% of tax revenue (approximately $1,584,098 in 2018) is spent to expand access to broadband telecommunications. With this, the District:

  • Has constructed over 250 miles of broadband fiber throughout Kitsap County.

  • Continues to build "middle-mile" broadband infrastructure to "unserved" and "underserved" communities in Kitsap. All of these builds are predicated on the newly-served community's ability to maintain and replace installed infrastructure. No "middle mile" broadband builds require ongoing taxpayer support.

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