Water Availability

Acquiring water for residential or commercial use is an essential part of the building and/or remodeling process. Both Washington State and Kitsap County require evidence that there is an adequate water supply for the intended use of a building to meet health and safety standards and compliance with planning and zoning regulations. Additionally, KPUD needs to confirm that our existing water infrastructure can support the increased demand that new structures will place on it, as well as maintaining water availability for existing users and promoting sustainable development practices for future water supply needs (resource management).

In order to check water availability and apply for a Binding Water Availability Letter from KPUD, please complete the Application Form (Fillable PDF) and email to our Construction & Engineering Team at construction@kpud.org.

You will need access to the following information to complete the form:  

  • Contact Information
  • Tax Parcel Number for Property
  • Service Address

Once the application form is received, and KPUD determines the address is within our water service boundaries we will contact the applicant to discuss further details.