Point Monroe Area (North Bainbridge Island) – March 27

KPUD has installed a pressure reducing valve (PRV) on Sunrise Drive NE just south of the Fay Bainbridge Park entrance to reduce high water pressure serving several homes located on Sunrise Drive NE and Point Monroe.

High water pressure can put excess strain on water systems causing damage to equipment and increasing risk of failure. The newly installed PRV improves safety and long-term resiliency of your water supply.

The new PRV will go into service on March 27, 2023, and will reduce static water pressure downstream of the PRV to 60 psi. Once operational, KPUD staff will verify static water pressure at individual homes to ensure pressure remains at, or slightly reduced from, pressure prior to PRV installation. Some homes may have an on-property PRV which will need to be adjusted by the homeowner.

KPUD does not anticipate any water service interruption during the time the PRV is put into service.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact our office at 360-779-7656.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve efficiency and safety.