Annuals & Veggies

Water annual and veggie gardens deeply for approximately 30 minutes every 3 days for a total of 1 inch per week.

8 Steps to Correct Watering of Vegetable & Annual Gardens

1. Compost your garden soil with 3 inches of organic material before planting in the spring. Properly amended soil acts as a sponge to hold in water.

2. Pick a method of watering. Get water to the roots. Drip systems, soaker hoses or micro spray heads are ideal.

3. Water newly planted seeds and transplants daily until established.

4. Know your plants. Some plants need more water than others.

5. Water when the soil is dry at the plant's root zone. Vegetables and annuals should be watered deeply, but, too much water can suffocate your plants.

6. Set a timer to deeply deliver water every 3 days.

7. Water in early morning while it is cool to prevent excess evaporation.

8. Mulch your garden with straw or other organic material. This will hold in moisture.

This schedule is based on average weather and average soils. Extremely hot weather and sandy soils may require an occasional irrigation a day sooner. Cool weather may allow you to skip or postpone a scheduled watering.