Water lawns 20 minutes twice a week for a total of 1 inch per week.

4 Steps to Correct Lawn Watering

1. Check and repair clogged or broken sprinkler heads.
Look for sprinklers that may be set into the ground too deeply. Sprinkler heads should be vertical and unobstructed.

2. Find out how long it takes your system to apply 1 inch.
Check your sprinkler head manufacturer performance charts or do the "tuna can test." Spray heads usually deliver water at a rate of 1.5 inches per hour; Rotors at a rate of .75 inches per hour.

3. Use a timer or controller to set your watering schedule.
On slopes or with clay soil, break up your irrigation run times into two or three cycles to allow the water to soak into the ground. Example: if it takes 20 minutes to apply 1/2 inch of water, schedule 5 minute cycles with an hour in between.

Month Time Irrigation Interval
Start up June 1 Approximately 20 minutes Once every 4 days
July Approximately 20 minutes Once every 3 days
August Approximately 20 minutes Once every 3 days
Shut down September 1

This schedule is based on average weather and average soils. Extremely hot weather and sandy soils may require occasional irrigation a day sooner. Cool weather may allow you to skip or postpone a scheduled watering.

4. Install a rain sensor to shut off your system during wet weather.
Don't irrigate in the rain!

Remember: A cross control device must be installed on all irrigation systems.